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Notes by David I. Robertson

The following notes were written by David I. Robertson during an eight-week summer scholarship at the University of Newcastle in the summer of 2005/2006. They were written at the time as a project summary and had not been intended for distribution. However, the examples Dave had analysed in his project subsequently came up in Example 6.11 of the paper [A. Kumjian, D. Pask and A. Sims, Generalised morphisms of k-graphs: k-morphs, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., 363 (2011), 2599–2626]. Since Dave's notes were unpublished, he kindly allowed me to make them available. Alex, David and I thank Dave for being so obliging.

Notes on k-graph algebras

The following notes were written as lecture notes for a course on k-graph algebras which I delivered at the NordForsk-funded summer school C*-algebras and their interplay with dynamics organised by Toke Carlsen, Magnus Landstad and Nadia Larsen, and held at the Sophus Lie conference centre in Nordfjordeid, Norway in June 2010. I thank the organisers for a very enjoyable conference.

Notes on Complex and Functional Analysis

Here are some notes in progress on Complex and Functional analysis. They were developed for an honours course delivered in 2013 at the University of Wollongong. They are now being re-used, and updated taking into account many helpful suggestions from my student Hui Li, for the same course in 2016. I based them primarily on parts of Serge Lang's book Complex Analysis and parts of Gert Pedersen's book Analysis Now. A complete daft of the notes is available, but I'm updating as we go.

Notes on Unitizations and Crossed Products

Here are some notes on Unitizations and Crossed Products of C*-algebras originally developed for a course in 2012, and then updated in 2014. They rely heavily on E. Christopher Lance's book Hilbert C*-modules: a toolkit for operator algebraists and on Iain Raeburn and Dana P. Williams' book Morita equivalence and continuous trace C*-algebras for the material on unitizations, and on Dana P. Williams' book Crossed products of C*-algebras for the material on crossed products. Thanks go to Michael Mampusti for weeding out quite a few typo's; there are doubtless plenty more though, so please let me know of any you find.

Notes on étale groupoids and their C*-algebras

These are notes on étale groupoids and their C*-algebras that were written for a five-lecture masterclass as part of the Intensive Research Program Operator algebras: dynamics and interactions. The notes will appear in the series Advanced Courses in Mathematics CRM Barcelona.